Network Design and Support

Network Design and SupportODAK network services cover every aspect of administration, installation and management of IT networks. It may be a simple network of a few standalone computers or highly sophisticated networks combining Local & Wide Area Network, Wireless Communication Devices, Security infrastructure and etc.

We offer comprehensive network design, installation and management starting with cabling all the way to the monitoring and logging services.

All the basic network infrastructure components designed and roll out by ODAK.

We have been providing networking services to different types of businesses such as accountants, architecture, car showrooms, solicitor firms, estate agents, graphic design firms and etc.

We offer structured cabling in the form of Cat5 or Cat6 cabling including the patch panel, switches, communications cabinets.

ODAK offers wireless network services. However it is rare to have completely wireless networks. It is usually a combination of wired and wireless networks where appropriate.