End User Support

End User SupportODAK Computing has progressively developed its support offering and combined services on the basis of continued customer relationship and the meeting of increasing demands for more flexible and comprehensive support requirements.

ODAK Computing support is based upon a ‘direct-to-technical-agent’ model, ensuring
Route Group support issues are resolved primarily via web portal followed by telephone and email troubleshooting. In DAKs experience the majority of support issues have been quickly and efficiently brought through to resolution using the methods above.

End user support features are as follows;
• Primary mechanism of support provided Remotely (VPN -> Terminal Services/Remote Desktop) and if deemed necessary on-site support/visit.
• ODAK computing has a support web portal where users log their calls and ODAK support personal automatically notified the submitted ticket by way of email. As soon as support personnel starts to work on a ticket the end user get an acknowledgement and status update.
• Unlimited access to Helpdesk
• 6 monthly or yearly End User Support reports
• Emergency numbers to be used in case of emergencies